About Us

Our Mission:

Pan in Motion is an organization committed to promoting Steel Pan while creating opportunities and providing resources for those with a love and passion for the instrument that will enable them to make their visions become reality. Pan in Motion strives to empower those with a dedication to the Steel Pan by helping shape careers by aligning them with meaningful opportunities. It is our mission to bring Steel Pan to other entities to promote the culture and it's growth.

The Movement. The Brand. The Business.

Kendall K Williams is the founder and owner of Pan in Motion, an idea that started as a movement, evolved into a brand, and has since become a business. A career in steel pan has long been a dream of his that was deterred and ridiculed for its inconsistency and lack of longevity according to many. The idea that anyone could have a career as a musician let alone a musician with a focus on steel pan was absurd, unheard of, and unorthodox. Taking these views into consideration, Kendall set out to create a career for himself where his focus would include spreading the love and understanding of steel pan and it’s capabilities to everyone he could. Since then, he has composed and arranged music for the enjoyment of music lovers and now sets out to create and award opportunities to anyone interested in furthering a career and education in steel pan. Although the odyssey hasn't been easy, no one ever said it would and he would not want it any other way.