Pan in Motion offers composing services on a commission basis for all soloists, duets, trio, quartets, and any ensemble sizes. Composing services are not limited to steel pan as Pan in Motion has done a number of works for varying instruments as well as genres such as reggae, jazz, and classical to name a few. Some compositions include:

Breaking Down (Quartet) for Percussion quartet

Conception (Orchestra) for Small Orchestra and Steel Pan Ensemble

Flat Lines (Quartet) for String Quartet

Melodic Concept i for 4 Hands Piano

M.U.S.I.C. (Quintet) for 5 bass drums

Rehearsals for Steel Pan Orchestra

To Blend and Buzz (Quartet) for Tenor/Lead Pan, Double Second Pan, and 2 Gyils

and more...

*Inquire within for special projects, or questions regarding an original composition. Exisiting compositions can be found on our website under media or on our youtube page.