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  • Josh Quillen Concert Honesty Podcast Featuring Marc Brooks and Kendall K Williams

    Hear Josh Quillen of So Percussion get into the lives and minds of Marc Brooks and Kendall K Williams. Hear things about them you never knew before and gain insight on what it is like to be an arranger and work with other arrangers so closely. Copy and Paste the direct link below to hear the Concert Honesty Podcast
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  • Kendall K Williams of Pan in Motion performing in Morocco representing Brooklyn Steel Orchestra (BSO) alongside PAGWAH & Something Positive.

  • The Introduction - Pan in Motion TV Episode 1

  • Kendal K Williams performs Pellitory of the Wall by Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade

  • Kendall K Williams performs Clavo by Dave Molk

  • Kendall K Williams - UpClose - A WST Exclusive Interview: May 2014

  • Pan in Motion: Kendall K Williams: October 2014

    A concert to end off the year long fellowship opportunity Kendall has received from the American Composers Orchestra (ACO). This concert features musical works he has done during the past year, as well as some previous works that have been updated, and snippets of future larger products. Composers OutFront - Kendall K Williams